Mandy Pedigo received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Webster University in 2003 and her Master of Arts in Education from Fontbonne University in 2008. Currently she is a candidate in the Master of Fine Arts program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Her work explores the relationships between self, land, history and memory. Mandy grew up in diverse landscapes of Missouri and Arizona. She travels extensively to experience a variety of landscapes.


Artist Statement:

“Landscape recalls you into a mindful mode of stillness, solitude, and silence where you can truly receive time.” John O’ Donohue

 Time and textiles are inheritably linked. Traditional textiles for the home and body take untold hours to create – to harvest the material, prepare them for spinning, the hours of hand spinning, dyeing and weaving. In the ages of mass production we need not concern ourselves with these processes. Items appear folded and affordable priced wherever we go to purchase them. Thousands of years of human history of vast culture groups falls away leaving us with homogenous clothing identity. As we have progressed our connections with land have also fallen away. It makes little difference where we live; decisions are made based on other concerns other than the land’s ability to hold and feed us.

My connection to nature began as a child. I was taught how to be at home in the surrounding landscape. I could go to the wilderness or just in my backyard and feel connected to the land. I found solitude in the open spaces of landscapes. It was in nature that I could quiet the voices of my life, both internal and external.

Taking the time to explore the history of the land and the history of textiles has brought me to my work. The intentional choices of linen, cotton, hemp, wool and silk all connect with historical practices of cloth and land. My studio practices of walking, weaving, dyework, handspinning, and stitching are slow processes and for the most part done solitarily. They create a reflective meditative space that I once only found in nature.